terça-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2011

- all of a sudden

I shall write you a letter everyday, Romeo. I don’t know if I have already said that before, but I don’t mind anyways. Tell me, how have you been?
I have been thinking about you all the time, you should know. Have you noticed? I hope so. I absolutely love the way you lift your eyebrows up. Details are always important, as you can see. I am madly in love with your details, Romeo. The way your hair dances along with the wind, the color of your eyes, every little thing about you. You are nothing but breathtaking.
May I tell you a secret? I know you are in love with another person. I can feel it. Don’t try to understand me, I think I am not a understandable kind of people.
Shall we do something crazy? Runaway with me, give up your marriage and marry me. I’m the one, you just don’t know it yet. I can prove it, I would stop the rain if you told me to, or I could ask you to dance with me on the outskirts of town as you may, Romeo.

Even if you don’t know who I am.

Here’s your clue: I’m not Juliet.

(But you should definitely know who I am)

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